Recycled paper placemats

I recently came across some fabulous recycled homeware products that I want to share. Made from recycled paper, these place mats are really strong, durable and stylish.

I asked Ian Carter-Brown, owner of Fair Grounds, a fair trade company in Bradford, if they were heat resistant and sturdy enough to withstand straight-from-the-oven casserole dishes and hot plates. Ian assured me they were professionally treated and used in busy restaurants. He added that one restaurateur had remarked how strong the placemats were, only replacing them only once a year!  Continue reading


Handwoven hammocks for extreme comfort

creature comforts in a hammock


There’s nothing better than snoozing in a hammock. They are the ideal adornment to a home or garden, capturing the essence of travel and cozy comfort. I love the way they wrap around my body, so I can snuggle deep and read a book.

However, how and where to hang  a hammock is often an issue.

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Colour psychology in the home

what colour reveals about our home

Carl Jung said that colours are the mother tongue of the subconscious and long before Jung, before Newton’s light experiment in 1655 where he discovered that white through a prism refracts light into an array of colours, people have been enthralled by the power, suggestion and brilliant interplay of colour.

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What does your front door say about you?

Is your front door welcoming?

If you look with fresh eyes at your own front door – what message are you giving the world?

The front door is the first thing visitors see when as they approach your dwelling (unless you’ve got a mattress in your garden or a skip on your path) – and whether you like it or not – people make immediate judgements about owner occupiers as the details of a home are layered upon the psyche.

Equally, the state of your front door also has great significance in feng shui as it is the ‘mouth of chi’ – the place where all vital chi energy flows into and out of your house. Your inner world exists behind the front door and you step into your outer world through it, so it carries a great deal of significance.

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Save money & scale away limescale

Eco limescale removers save money, energy & earth

Limescale is the result of excess minerals such as calcium and magnesium in water and can turn sparkly new kitchens very old, very quickly.

The excess minerals turn water ‘hard’ and leaves limescale around taps, in bits in kettles and leaves a builds up around the heating elements of dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers and heaters.

It prevents toilets from flushing properly and forms a dark rim around the water edge of the bowl. If left untreated, limescale harms water pipes and household appliances, forcing appliances to work harder and pushing up energy bills.

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Ethical customised decor for festivals, parties & kid’s rooms

eco-bunting is stylish and customised

I was at a party the other day and noticed that the celebratory banners were cloth, not plastic, but they were still personalised. Cute red and white squares were sewn on to spell out the name. It was a lovely touch and I thought it good that someone had made time to do that.

But it turned out she was a very busy working mum, who also wished she had the time to do that.

Whether you’re kitting out your child’s bedroom with colourful name flags or dressing the house, gazebo or garden in celebratory banners and balloons or handing out party bags – you can do it with eco-chic. Some clever individuals have created all our celebratory needs using recycled fabrics and fair trade goodies.

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Love your bum – lose the loo roll

clean bum, no paper, save money

Washing your bum after using the loo is normally reserved for young children and fans of the bidet. But the Geberit AquaClean, a toilet with a built in shower spurt, actually cleans your bum as you flush, then blows soft, warm air to dry your tender bits clean.

The British are generally a nation of toilet paper softies, but the bidet is widely used throughout Europe.  However, elsewhere in the world – Arabic world, African continent and Asia – washing your bum is the preferred method of cleaning. The tools and techniques may vary – bucket rinse, shower douche, bidet – but there is no paper involved.

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