Save money & scale away limescale

Eco limescale removers save money, energy & earth

Limescale is the result of excess minerals such as calcium and magnesium in water and can turn sparkly new kitchens very old, very quickly.

The excess minerals turn water ‘hard’ and leaves limescale around taps, in bits in kettles and leaves a builds up around the heating elements of dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers and heaters.

It prevents toilets from flushing properly and forms a dark rim around the water edge of the bowl. If left untreated, limescale harms water pipes and household appliances, forcing appliances to work harder and pushing up energy bills.

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Feng Shui Bagua – what is it?

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Previous posts have explored ‘what is feng shui?‘ and its practical applications for a home office, so in this post I’d like to look more closely at the feng shui bagua – that essential piece of kit that denotes which area of your house or room correlates to specific issues such as health, wealth, romance, family, career and so on.

Ancient wisdom for modern living

As we know, feng shui derives from the i-ching, the ancient Taoist philosophy of working with nature to achieve peace and harmony.

However, unless you’re a seeker of such wisdom, you may only encounter Tao proverbs when cracking open a fortune cookie. Great for dinner conversation, not so great for the paying the bill. Yet feng shui consultants the world over adamantly believe that if we get the chi energy of our homes right – we can reap the benefits.

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Save money & energy with eco showerheads

control water pressure and reduce costs with an eco shower head

Everybody loves the feel of water pounding their head, cascading over tired shoulders or cooling hot skin, but showers can generate a lot of water, and while we think they use less water and are more economical than baths, that’s not always true. say that some high-volume power showers use more water in less than five minutes than a bath does and large shower heads with big holes use more water then a smaller head, but does not guarantee more power.

And there’s wastage waiting for the water to run warm, which increases water bills, especially if you have a water meter installed. According to Ecocamel, the average family of four uses around 100,000 litres of water each year in the shower.

But there are easy ways to cut down the amount of water spewing from a shower without reducing the desired force.

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Feng Shui. What is it?

Fancy a cup of Qi?

If the idea of living in harmony with the elements of wind (feng) and water (Shui) appeals to you; and if you wish to allow in  health, wealth and wellbeing, then Feng Shui, the 3000 year old, made-in-China, power tool may work for you.

This system of placement and alignment stems from the iChing and Taoist thinking, and takes in sacred geometry, the yin yang polarity theory, and the forces essential to human life: earth, fire, wood, metal and air.

It’s a well armed device for knocking the socks of stuffy old houses, relationships or stagnant career growth and it can put sparkle back in to domestic scenes.

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Coloured LED lights boost your mood

change your mood with LED aura lighting

LED lights are touted as the future of home and interior electrical lighting.

They are energy-efficient and last up to 10 times longer than standard incandescent light bulbs, and the new generation of LED bulbs can create up to 100,000 hours of light, last up to 60 years and potentially reduce the UK electricity consumption from 20 to just 5 percent.

Nifty stuff, but it gets better.

You can now buy LED lights that, with the flick of a button on a control pad, changes the colour of a room and brightens or quiets your mind.

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How to get free eco fuel for fires & stoves

Paper log maker transforms waste into fuel

Most of us love a good fire and while the fashion for woodburning stoves continues, so does our thirst for things to burn. So how can we stay environmentally aware and satiate our appetite for bright hot flames while not spending money, or at least very little money?

Recycling and reusing old bits of wood is an obvious first point of call, but for many of us, access to greater quantities of wood would be a bonus. So where can we find it?

Wooden pallets

Most supermarkets have vast stacks of wooden pallets that are used as part of their daily delivery systems. And these pallets have to go somewhere. It’s not unusual for one or to go missing, but many supermarkets have cottoned on to the fact that end users want them as burning fuel.

Contact your local store manager and see if there is any way you can arrange to take some pallets off their hands. You may need to hire a van, but the overall cost saving will be tremendous.

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3 eco radiators to save money & energy

reclaimed & recycled radiators make eco-sense

It’s possible the winter is far from finished and huddling by the radiator is often the warmest place in the house.

A necessary addition to most rooms, radiators come in a wide variety of shapes and colours to complement the look of most homes. And as development continue, so does the range of eco radiators.

Eco radiators

Reclaimed: Being eco involves recycling and reusing and reclaimed radiators are the ultimate in eco-chic heating.

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