Caroline Lucas MP on green Brighton

Caroline Lucas on easy ways to be green in Brighton

As Britain’s first Green MP with the backing of the UK’s first Green-led city council in Brighton & Hove, Caroline Lucas is a happy lady. She talks freely about taking local action, the Brighton Peace & Environment Centre and her love of Brighton’s art scene.

Information leads to action

Caroline believes that change needed for sustainability stems from taking action, not just taking a political stand point. Action begins with information and education. Continue reading


EU ban on herbal remedies – what next?

Echinacea is licensed and legal

The EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD), signed and ratified by the UK government in 2004,  came into force on April 30th 2011.

However confusion is rife amongst consumers, retailers and manufacturers as to what it actually means – will unlicensed stocks be withdrawn, will consumers have fair choice of product and a right to choose health remedies or will an elite group of wealthier manufacturers lay claim to herbal remedies?

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EU signs law to ban health foods & vitamins

Stand up for your Human Right to choose

Say no to EU ban on vitamins & natural healthcare

Joining Hands for Health is an independent, non profit campaign intending to encourage everyone to consider a more natural way of life, using natural solutions where possible. Currently they are fighting the fearful, secretive behaviour of the EU, which is attempting to ban vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, superfoods and therapies.

The law has been seeping into UK & European legislation since January 2010 and comes into full force in April 2011. It’s not too late to sign the petition.

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Caroline Lucas on how to green-up Brighton

Caroline Lucas, Britain’s first Green MP for the Brighton Pavilion constituency, was guest speaker at ‘Greening Brighton – Grasping the Opportunities’, an event hosted by the Brighton Media Centre, last Thursday 26 August.

Well attended, Lucas sparked debate as she spoke about the future of Brighton as a thriving creative community when in the last 18 months unemployment has risen by 80% and the gaping chasm between London waged commuters and low waged service economy employees widens. These are real issues and ones Lucas wants to discuss.

Quick to alleviate the myth that the Green Party is a single issue party, Lucas quipped that being Green is not about “yoghurt weaving” but about social fairness and equality – a living wage not a basic wage, unemployment, cultural diversity and education, as well as local resident concerns over road safety, hospital waiting lists and schools.

So what does this mean for Brighton and how can we advance?

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How to green clean your home or office

As more of us stretch to achieve the governments ambitious 10:10 challenge – to cut the UK’s carbon footprint by 10% in 2010 – we are finding practical, if silent, ways to reduce energy  consumption – and cutting the cost of cleaning may be just the ticket.

Cleaning your office, school, nursery, health centre, shop or restaurant doesn’t have to be a dirty business.

Gone are the days when the only way to get clean was to annihilate germs with a noxious substance that required protective armour and rubber gloves. Today it is feasible, practical and rewarding to use ethically made products or bring in the ethical cleaners.

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Eco-banking – where is your money?

Is your money in safe hands? image by Charles Thompson

There’s never been a better time to take control of your finances and green up your banking and investments.

With their ethics under the microscope (think credit crunch and the controversial fat-cat bonuses) banks are responding to the growing number of consumers demanding better, and a more ethical, handing of their money.

What is green banking?

This refers to how eco-friendly a bank is in regards to daily practise  – carbon offsetting, recycling and waste management, and whether it operates an ethical  investment policy – what it does with your money and the resulting profit.

Questions to ask when choosing a bank or investment options…

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