Handwoven hammocks for extreme comfort

creature comforts in a hammock


There’s nothing better than snoozing in a hammock. They are the ideal adornment to a home or garden, capturing the essence of travel and cozy comfort. I love the way they wrap around my body, so I can snuggle deep and read a book.

However, how and where to hang  a hammock is often an issue.

It needs to be high enough to sit in without bums touching the floor, yet low enough to climb into. The ends far enough apart that it is supported and tied with the kind of knots only a sailor knows. Is the garden tree strong enough? Will the nail in the brick wall take the strain etc…

I’ve found a company in the UK importing hammocks from Mexico that are complete with stands, knots, attachments and other necessary rigging. But it’s not just the import that makes me smile, it’s that they are dealing with small communities through a Fair Trade network so creating work and securing an income for otherwise struggling rural villages.

If you don’t have a hammock yet for your study, conservatory, garden or living room, you may want to rethink your interior.

These babies are the ideal mobile seating arrangement. Kids can sit two or three at a time and many hammocks are large enough for two adults to canoodle.

Triple hand-woven in cotton or thread, you can choose your colours and styles, sizes and textiles to suit your colour scheme. To support Fair Trade and Mexican communities, check out Hammocks.co.uk


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