What does your front door say about you?

Is your front door welcoming?

If you look with fresh eyes at your own front door – what message are you giving the world?

The front door is the first thing visitors see when as they approach your dwelling (unless you’ve got a mattress in your garden or a skip on your path) – and whether you like it or not – people make immediate judgements about owner occupiers as the details of a home are layered upon the psyche.

Equally, the state of your front door also has great significance in feng shui as it is the ‘mouth of chi’ – the place where all vital chi energy flows into and out of your house. Your inner world exists behind the front door and you step into your outer world through it, so it carries a great deal of significance.

If you want more money, health and prosperity and for the inhabitants of the house to feel welcome and valued, pay particular attention to the feng shui colours of your front door as well as the overall state of it.

Nation’s favourite

Red is good prosperous feng shui colour and I have always maintained that we comprehend chi energy naturally and intuitively so it comes as no surprise to learn that, according to the recent Love Colour survey, a collaboration between the Painting and Decoration Associate (PDA) and Crown Paints, red is the most popular front door colour. Closely followed by blue – a calming colour, with deeper shades also associated with prosperity.

Red suggests passion and creativity. However another survey shows that house buyers  prefer green doors. A shade too much red can be seen as angry and aggressive, whereas green is a welcoming colour reminiscent of generosity and sharing.

Colour psychology

Colour psychology is big business and organisations and brands spend £££ understanding and toying with the subtle effects of colour on consumers to enhance purchasing decisions and beat the competition.

Colour matters so much that when London’s Blackfriars bridge was repainted from black to green, suicides reduced by 33%. And those clever chaps in Las Vegas use red not blue lighting as people will place riskier bets under a red light.

Applying a bit of colour psychology to your own home will pay dividend so think about your overall scheme, but also think about the position of your front door – is it north facing and in the shade? South and sunny? Work with the natural location to enhance and brighten the overall impression. Be bold and use cheery yellow or dashing pink.

Whether you’re wanting to sell, rent, repair or renew your house, pay attention to the front door and watch how people respond to your well-tended plot of bricks and mortar.


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