Feng shui frogs for health and wealth

feng shui frog with gold coins

Recently I’ve been exploring the practical applications of feng shui around my home and home office so this blog explores the feng shui frog. Which leads to the obvious question – how can a frog affect wealth or health?

That feng (wind) shui (water) works with the natural flow of chi to tap into nature’s hidden forces thus enhancing our lives is fairly straightforward, but placing a frog in the corner of a room to improve my bank balance – is this real? Yes, it is.

The Feng Shui Frog

Or three-legged toad as it is known in China, is not limited to money. Shamans have revered and used frog medicine for centuries for its clearing and cleansing properties. And across the world, frog is an old symbol for fertility, song and water. It’s amphibious ability to live in water and on land make frog the perfect friend when combining water and earth elements.

In China, the frog, or toad or Chan Chu also represents the flow of money, which if respected as an exchange of energy, should flow like water, not hoarded for fear of lack, or frittered away without awareness of tomorrow. As a result frogs have developed a symbiotic relationship with wealth and the peace of mind that comes with financial security.

  • The feng shui frog has a coin in its mouth and sometimes sits on a pile of feng shui coins.

In feng shui, it’s that the frog sings about ‘my money wishes and dreams have come true’.

How to place a feng shui frog

If you’ve used a feng shui bagua to ascertain your money corner and/or your career direction in your home or office, you may be wishing to clear out or enhance that area of your space.

  • Buy a frog that suits the size of your space – 3 inches or 3 foot – it’s up to you
  • Place a frog on the inside of your front door to catch, or welcome in the wealth
  • Position a frog near your work space or in your money corner
  • Keep the frog dust free and the are clear
  • Beware – once a frog has done its work – it may need to hop to another lily pad to keep the energy flowing

Where to buy a feng shui frog

Frogs are not often considered the most attractive of creatures as such feng shui frogs can be squat, fat and ugly. However they do come in a variety of sizes, colours and textures. Most notably they are gold or red, but often carved in jade as these are prosperous colours and materials. You can buy them in most new age shops, or The FengShui Mart, online but I’ve often picked them up in charity shops too.

However you procure yours, give it a wash and a blessing and maybe leave it out one night under a full moon then bring it in to reap the rewards.

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