Ethical customised decor for festivals, parties & kid’s rooms

eco-bunting is stylish and customised

I was at a party the other day and noticed that the celebratory banners were cloth, not plastic, but they were still personalised. Cute red and white squares were sewn on to spell out the name. It was a lovely touch and I thought it good that someone had made time to do that.

But it turned out she was a very busy working mum, who also wished she had the time to do that.

Whether you’re kitting out your child’s bedroom with colourful name flags or dressing the house, gazebo or garden in celebratory banners and balloons or handing out party bags – you can do it with eco-chic. Some clever individuals have created all our celebratory needs using recycled fabrics and fair trade goodies.

Traditionally, bunting and banners are made from processed plastics, such as vinyl, and are rarely suitable for re-use after a bash, but eco-bunting and balloons are healthier for family and home, and the recycled fabrics go some way to use up the 1 million tons of fabric thrown into UK dustbins each year.

Waste fabrics

According to TRAID, the fashion recycling high street charity, that’s around 900,000million items of discarded clothing in landfill, and textiles have problems breaking down.  Synthetic products do not decompose. Woolen garments do decompose, but produce methane, adding to the climate change crisis.

Eco bunting

ecobuntingMaking eco-bunting from recycled fabrics seemed an obvious step for Sue Hill of Eco-Bunting. “We make bunting from waste textiles, recycled cards and plastic bags,” she says, adding that they have turned their hand to children’s parties and banners for Greenpeace.

Each request is made to order and can be customised and posted within days.

Latex balloons

Drawn from the milky sap of a rubber tree, latex is a biodegradable product which has shown to break down within 6 months. Rubber trees are an essential life force for some smaller communities worldwide. The sap drips from small gashes in the tree and is transformed into latex.

Latex balloons (of the celebratory, not cautionary kind) are ideal for parties as latex is a 100% natural substance that  break down in sunlight and water. If you’re after personalised balloons for a party or celebration, visit Eco-Partybags.

Fair Trade & Ethical

If you want to throw a completely ethical party, think fair trade party bags, bamboo dinner ware, beeswax birthday candles, recyclable tablecloths and eco-bunting. There are a growing number of independent suppliers offering party decor, and many promise a quick turnaround and  welcome small orders.


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